Does Dean Grose’s remarks regarding the president and gun control make you reconsider your vote?

A. Yes
30% (16 votes)
B. No
70% (37 votes)
Total votes: 53

Dean spoke the truth about

Dean spoke the truth about Barry Hussein and his corrupt regime! As usual most radical lib socialist democrats HATE that! Sure is funny but when democrats lie and slander conservatives they ALWAYS get a pass from the government owned propaganda media. But let anyone considered conservative, say ANYTHING, including the TRUTH about one of the most scariest administrations in US history, then there is HELL to pay from the arrogantly pious libs! I don't live in Los Al but would have voted for him BOTH times and would do it AGAIN.

Councilman Grose's comments

Councilman Grose's comments on AK47s and Obama provide one more reason for Rossmoor to oppose annexation. Armed response if necessary.

Rossmoor resident

Dean just does not get it.

Dean just does not get it.

If he cannot articulate his views and/or opinion about an issue or person in a clear and concise manner, then he may want to keep his mouth shut, or write it out and read it. At least that's what Obama does and it works well for him.

When it comes to watermellon jokes, 2nd amendment issues and anything else controversial Dean needs to follow the president's lead and get a telepromter.

Dean's removal of his comments from facebook is very telling in and of itself. His explanation was not only weak it directly contradicts what he said on facebook.

As the old saying goes, "It is one thing to be thought a fool, it is another to open your mouth and confirm it"

Dean Grose is a disgrace to

Dean Grose is a disgrace to our city. He should resign - Again.

If given the chance, I will

If given the chance, I will always vote for Dean Grose. One of the most clear minded intellects of our time and area. IMHO, all this hoopla over banning AR-15's, and multiple ammo clips is just more from the radical left trying to take American's guns away from law abiding citizens. Simply taking advantage of people's emotions after Sandy Hook tragedy.
More nanny state shennanighans.

In Norway, where guns are illegal to own, one guy killed 70 kids. The criminals and the mentally ill do not care one iota for more gun laws. They will always have them one way or the other. This is just the lefties/progressives once again trying to do the same laws they had before that had no better results in the 10 years those laws were enacted.

Bottom line: you should all thank your lucky stars that you have as fine a man on the council protecting your rights as you do with Dean Grose!

Dean Grose is a discrace to

Dean Grose is a discrace to our city. He should resign - again.

Although I reside in Rossmoor

Although I reside in Rossmoor and obviously can't vote in Los Al elections, I support Dean's right to express his views on gun control.

i support his views

i support his views

By having this poll, is the

By having this poll, is the newspaper implying that Dean Gross should not speak his mind on issues other than city issues? What happened to the 1st amendment?

Dean Grose is a

Dean Grose is a Constitutional patriot and was elected because he is outspoken, fearless and speaks his mind, while protecting the free speech of other to disagree with him. That is leadership, not political correctness.

Since this is about our 2nd

Since this is about our 2nd amendment rights I think its only appropriate we have this discussion. Its to protect us from tyranny. What's tyranny, for the under informed individual, our GOV. Now since the question was asked if the US Military has the right to kill US Citizen on US soil, I think this is a very appropriate discussion to be having. Something you won't hear reported by the news, like ABC, CBS, MSNBC , CNN. They're all in bed with this administration! When asked of HOLDER if the Military could fire upon US CITIZENS, he didn't have an answer, he would have to check.

Keep getting your spoonful of sunshine from Lame Stream Media and you'll never learn the truth about any thing! Civil unrest is coming, if it does, how will you protect yourself and your family?

statics show, GUN BANS don't work, because criminals don't follow the rules! England has a GUN BAN and was just named by the EU as one of the most dangerous countries in the EU. Think about that one? Chicago has a gun ban and they have the highest deaths per capital. Now think about that one! GUN BANS do not work!

I respect Dean Grose's 1st

I respect Dean Grose's 1st Amendment Rights, and am in no way offended by his post. I think people are far too critical when it comes to our criticisms of the government, the president and other elected officials. ENOUGH with the PC baloney already!!!! This is just a ploy to silence people with an opposing view!

Dean Grose does not speak out

Dean Grose does not speak out of both sides of his mouth. What you see is what you get. If you voted for him because you thought he might be able to be "persuaded" against his principles...shame on you! If he disagrees with the views of the president or certain legislation, he has the right as a citizen of the United States of America to express his opinion. We need more elected officials to stand up and speak up for their values. At least he has a spine...unlike many Republicans now serving in Washington, D.C. and quite honestly across the U.S. Dean Grose is a breath of fresh air who can not be bought and sold by anyone. Stand strong DEAN!