Did the City of Los Alamitos act in the best interest of its citizens when awarding the trash contract?

A. Yes
12% (5 votes)
B. No
88% (38 votes)
Total votes: 43

The council majority lied,

The council majority lied, and danced around this issue all the while taking money from the trash hauler which ultimatly they selected. There were several, equally qualified haulers with lower bids. There is no logical reason you should go with a higher bid in this case. The residents and business owners are going to pay for this for the next ten years. Thanks to troy, Marylyn and Ken.

Well, they did take the fifth

Well, they did take the fifth highest bidder, but they also negotiated some additional benefits for the City.

In the end the City got roughly $1,000,000 over the ten years of the contract versus the lowest qualified bidder, but the residents and businesses will be forced to overpay over $6,000,000 by the City's own Consultant's estimate over the ten years of the contract.

So not only were we hit with a hidden tax, collected by the trash company, but we're being forced to pay Consolidated Disposal $6,000,000 more in order for the City to receive the extra $1,000,000.

Most of the extra fees were not passed on to owners of single family homes, but to those using bins, mostly apartments and businesses. The fee for elderly and handicapped residents who can't put out their cans was also more than double that of the lowest qualified bidder.

But even single family residents' bills would have been even lower with the lowest qualified bidder.

Did I mention that Consolidated Disposal and their associates contributed an estimated $100,000 plus to get Troy Edgar, Ken Stephens, and Marilyn Poe elected?

In the best interest of the citizens? No way, especially if they're renters, landlords, or businesspeople struggling in this economy!

How could it be a good deal

How could it be a good deal if the residents / business's are paying more than they should be paying? The bottom line here is they did not go with t the lowest bidder. The council is very open about going with the lowest bidder on all other projects in town, but when it comes to the biggest contract they ever bid they do not. Why is that?? If you were hiring a company to redo the mediums you may not want to go with the lowest bidder.

This was a trash contract, not rocket science. This should have gone with the lowest bidder.

How could they have acted in

How could they have acted in the best interest of the citizens when a judge ruled they did not follow their own code. They should have awared the trash contract to the lowest responsible bidder. They did not and as a result the citizens are paying more for the trash service than they should. Especially hurt by this are the businesses in Los Alamitos who are paying twice (an extra $60 per month)over what they would be paying if Troy Edgar, Marilyn Poe and Ken Stevens had awarded the trash contract to the lowest of the responsible bidders.

Art DeBolt one of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit showed me the bid sheets and the residents would be paying slightly less but it is the businesses and anyone else that uses the bins that are really paying too much.

I own a business in Los Alamitos and this is not a business friendly place if you have to deal with the city. We cannot complain without fear of retaliation. The Chamber of Commerce is not representative of the businesses (at least the retail ones)because of one or two people who are "lapdogs" for the city council and play small town politics with their position on the chamber board.

It really was an eye opener

It really was an eye opener when I showed "Truth Teller" copies of the bids. She had seen the city manager at a council meeting refer to my claims of $6.5 million overcharge to the businesses as "fictious amounts". She compared her bill for the trash bin to the amount on the bid sheet and they were the same. When she looked at the amount submitted by Athens disposal, the lowest of the qualifed proposers, she just shook her head.

If anyone wants copies of the bids send me an email at