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Reported on:
June 24, 2018 - 9:58am

Dean Grose is a good person.

Dean Grose is a good person. Dean Grose loves Los Alamitos. Dean Grose loves his Country. No one who has met Dean can argue any of these facts.

The problem with Dean Grose is that he hates his President. Now that fact by itself would not be a problem if he managed to keep that opinion to himself. Unfortunately, he has now shown for a second time that he cannot be trusted at the keyboard of a computer or on the internet.

Again, this would not be much of a problem if Dean was a private citizen. It is a problem in that he is an elected official representing a city made up of conservatives and liberals. Dean has failed to learn that by shooting off a racist joke or now in this case posting a Facebook a comment supporting the armed deposition of a branch of our Federal government he paints our entire community with the brush of racism and intolerance.

I did not vote for Dean in this last election because I felt the response to his last internet indiscretion failed to acknowledge the blatant racist tone of his "joke". Based on this most recent indiscretion I feel even more strongly that Dean has not learned his lesson and as such is not fit to sit on our city council.