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Reported on:
June 24, 2018 - 9:58am

Here are some facts and data

Here are some facts and data that can be substantiated by reviewing City records:

Cost of the trash lawsuit: $ 423,990; and consists of the following:
Payments to Colantuono & Levin: $ 170,914
Settlement with CITIZENS on the 1090 Corruption Anti-SLAPP: $ 33,302
Settlement with CITIZENS on the Writ of Mandate granted by Judge Banks: $ 215,000
Payment to Steven Baric, of Baric, Tran & Minesinger: $ 4,774
Kusumoto’s legal defense fees paid by the City: $ 0

Cost of Kusumoto’s Agenda Item regarding Municipal Code Violation: $ 640 (all estimated at this time)
City Attorney Fee (assume 1 hour): $ 400
City Clerk Cost (salaried position): $ 0
Department Secretary Cost: $ 40 (assumes that 2 hours were expended and the rate is $20 hour)
Cost to officially notice the meeting: $ 200 (newspaper, publically posting, etc)

Harassment of City Staff:

I personally apologized to the City Manager for being tenacious and firm on this matter. There were some moments when I was less than professional, and I recognize that this is unacceptable and have profusely offered my apology.

I have not had any interaction with the City Attorney since she would not answer my phone calls.

I did not coordinate or discuss this matter with the Department Secretary other than to address her questions regarding the scheduling of the meeting. If I was perceived as harassing, then I offer my apologies too.

- Council Member Warren Kusumoto