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July 18, 2018 - 9:58pm

Thanks everyone... I

Thanks everyone... I appreciate your support... It is very sad that people have to act this way.. Please come out to the next rally on Tues. Oct 30 at 5:30pm at Laurel Park (Bloomfield at Katella). Let's show these cowards we aren't backing down!!!!!

It's cowardly to deface

It's cowardly to deface Someone's property in the anonymity of dark...it takes courage to stand by your beliefs. I applaud your Los alamitos resident for doing just that

More than likely the work of

More than likely the work of teenagers who know they will never find a job if Obama is re-elected. I have the same fear that someone will do something to my car because of all my Romney bumper stickers.

People need to come together.

People need to come together. The division in this country is absurd and now dangerous!!! This is America folks, we have the right to our own display of opinion. The police need to treat this as a hate crime and investigate to find out who did this.

My compliments to you

My compliments to you Jennifer. No one, liberal or conservative, should be subjected to such vandalism. The person committing the vandalism, regardless of political ideology or lack thereof, is simply demonstrating their immaturity.

Thanks for this article. I

Thanks for this article. I hope the police are able to catch this coward. I am sure Jennifer would like to have an open debate with this person who is so full of hate and misinformed on the right to support the people and causes one believes in. I would think this should be treated as a hate crime.