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June 24, 2018 - 9:58am

God bless Dean Grose! I

God bless Dean Grose! I can't believe how many people willingly and without question give up one right after another to the government as though the government is the know-all and the end-all of knowledge and common sense. Think about it, people. So you allow the government to chip away at your right to own and use a fiearm for protection under the false premise that by giving up your gun there will be fewer murders and that the police will be there to protect you. Interestingly enough, the very same people who advocate gun control are the ones who themselves own guns or have armed bodyguards. Remember Rosie O'Donnell? She was a staunch advocate of gun control, yet, she had an armed bodyguard. But, you and I, the common people, we shouldn't own gun because we commit crimes with them. We're too stupid to own a gun. Do you also think that by the government being allowed to dictate who should or should not own guns that the criminal is going to give up his "right" to have one? If an armed intruder broke into your house do you think the police would get there in time to save you or your family? Would you even have time to call them? As for me, I'd rather have a gun to protect myslf and my loved ones and not rely on the police who cannot always be there to protect us from violent criminals. One more thing: A country whose citizens are not allowed to own guns is a country wherein the government has total and unconditional control over the peolpe, ala Nazi Germany. Do you want to live like that? Do you honestly think the world will be a safer place if you gave up your gun rights? Are you that naive? That stupid? Dean Grose is exactly right and thank God he has the courage to speak out about this. Again, I can't believe the abject stupidity of some people! If there were no guns criminals would find another "tool" to commit crimes. What's next? Should we ban automobiles? After all, they kill more people per year than guns do. ow about baseball bats? They can kill, too. Knives? Guns don't kill people- criminals do- and they'll find a way with or without a gun. As for me,I want a level playing field. If a criminal can get a gun which they always can) then I want one, too, because if someone tries to kill me rmy family I want to make damned sure that I get him first!

I agree with Mr. Grose's

I agree with Mr. Grose's opinion on gun control and we should be able to protect outselves against our government.